Portrait Pricing

What's included


  • Studio Session with Master Photographer

  • Personal consultation and viewing of photographs by digital project

  • All photographs ordered are custom printed (including retouching and artist enhancements) and either mounted, framed or printed on Canvas.




   Sideboard Package

   1 30cm x 20cm Ice mount acrylic

   4 18cm x 13cm mounted prints

   5 digital images of purchased photos (web sized)

   Price $795


    Print Package

   1 30cm x 20cm mounted photo

   3 18cm x 13cm mounted photos

   4 digital images of photos purchased (web sized)

   Price $695



  Single Photo Digital Web Sized $235

  Single Photo Digital High Resolution $350


 Prints (mounted)

   $235 (18cm x 13cm) 

   $285 (30cm x 20cm)


 Framed or Canvas wall art

   $750 (55cm x 40cm) 

   $875 (75cm x 50cm)